[Solved] Can I use button to create list on another screen

when the user clicks a button
I want it to add list in another screen
not navigating to another screen

Hi, @doctorfunnoiau9! :wave:

It’s quite easy. This could be done easily with an app Variable (Read more here)
Take an app Variable, which is a different kind of variable, which means it works everywhere in the app.
So, since you want to add an item to a list, initialize an app variable with a list. When the button is clicked, add an item to the list, which is an app variable. So, anytime when you open the other screen, your updated list will be available to you :+1:

Hope this helps you :blush:
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it work ! Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:
this place have a nice community.
I am grateful


Thanks a lot! :blush:

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