A timer to simulate real time ? not really satisfying


I use a timer to automatically update a data viewer

even with an interval of 10000 milliseconds it’s. not very pretty

somebody has an another idea ?

What do you mean by this?

Please also explain what you want to happen.


it flashes and when i use a much smaller period (5 milliseconds) i no longer see the data but only a spinning circle


I got around this difficulty by using a list viewer and it reacts very well when I delete a line in google sheet the list is updated without flash with the timer but I no longer have the images associated with each line. …

A good question is: what is your current app setup and what effect are you trying to have.

If you begin using the real-time database you can add listeners to your data and bind changes in the UI to changes in the db!

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Here’s the thing - the listviewer updates “without flash”, as it supports only text. On the other hand, the data viewer list supports a custom layout. It would always reload (means would show the loading icon), as it also has images to update inside it.



when you talk about real-time db you talk about firebase ?

One of the strong points of The Firebase blocks is that they allow you to add a listener to any of your data buckets.



But the management of tokens is a real headache without forgetting the design of the database

I could be satisfied with this solution but apart from using firebase there is really no way to display the photos without flashing them