I want to display my updated data from firebase without have to click the List_Viewer frequently

Hi all. my app will be display a real-time data of body temperature and heart rate from the firebase. I already can display it in the app by using List_Viewer. But I have to always click the list viewer to keep updated the data displayed. Is it any way to make it always display the updated data without have to click the list viewer.

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You can do this in three different ways

1- Using a loop

In this example, once you click Button1 the loop will start and read the content and display it in Label1. This will go on until you close the app

2- Using a Timer
Setup the timer as shown and choose the interval
Then add whatever blocks you want in the Fire coding block.

3- Using Initializes or Changes block
You need to first create cloud variables

Then use the Initializes or Changes block to detect change

Of course you will need to create the necessary codes and labels for each entry you want to monitor.

Hope this helps


Thanks for your helps @muneer . Really appreciate it.


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