A person's click on a button on my screen

How can I make an app where one person can click on a button and I can see on my screen what he clicked? What variables should I use? How do I do this?
Thank you!!

You’ll need to provide more details. For example, when the user clicks on the button, what exactly would the user see? The name of the button? Or are you basically wanting a Simple List where the user clicks an item in the list and the item name shows up somewhere else on the screen?

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Okey so I want to see what he clicks on the button, like the writing that it’s on the button.
He clicks the button on his screen, let’s call it A. An then, on my screen I will see the letter A that he clicked.
Also, can I do it for multiple peoples at once?

What do you mean by “multiple peoples at once?”

Here are blocks to display the name of the button that was clicked: