$500 Prize -- Let the Hackathon Begin!

Our first Summer Hackathon is now live! The first place winner will receive $500.

The theme for this month’s hackathon will be Social Apps . Create a social app on Thunkable that will help people connect over the summer!

To learn more, click the link below!


Can we create a movie app ? Also…
Social app means. ? Only like connecting world through communication ?

Sounds great! Looking forward to participate :grin:

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with Thunkable X or Classic?

Hey @Thg!

Please create your apps with Thunkable X

Looking forward to seeing your entries!! :smile:

Hi @sushil_balami

Not for this challenge, but in the future - who knows? :slight_smile:

Pretty much, yeah! Anything that allows your users to communicate with one another, so that could be voice, text or images. Take a look at Simran’s blog post, linked above, which has some examples that we’ve built already.

can i buit app like facebook insta could it be the social app

Yes, anything that allows you users to communicate with one another (any sort of social interaction) is perfect.

If you take a look at our sample app you will see that we drew inspiration from Snapchat and Instagram.

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Video available now


Would a news feed app count :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @eoinparkinson!

Sure, as long as your app has some capability for users to interact and connect with one another, it will count.

You can take a look at our sample app, SnapGram, for some inspiration.

We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Hey @simran, looks like this link is not working

Hi @maxb!

Hmm, the link seems to be working for me but you can try out this link to SnapGram instead.

Let me know if this works for you!


I’ve been literally working for hours non stop to make it and it was coming beautiful with messages and pictures but the browser side didn’t save the work and I have to practically start over…

Please somebody help…

Ok, false alarm, pheww…

BTW, how much time until the end of entry?

Hi @maxb,

All submissions must be sent to hackathon@thunkable.com by Thursday, June 27th at 12:00 AM PT.

Be sure to include a brief description about your app in the submission email.

Looking forward to seeing what you created! :slight_smile:

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do you mean by 12am 0:00 a clock or 12a clock 1 hour before 1pm?

Hi @Marggx,

Yes, 0:00. 12 AM PST.


3 HR left ?