$500 Prize -- Let the Hackathon Begin!


Can we get some info on the contest? Just curious about how many entries there were, and when a winner will be announced.

Good luck to everyone who entered!


App link has been sent

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Sure thing Kyle, we’ll keep you posted


the time is over?
I will not be able to finish :cry: :sleepy: :sweat_smile:

12 HR ago. Time finished

Thank you to everyone that participated! Amazing entries!

We are in the process of going through all of the submissions. We will announce a winner (and two runner ups who will also each receive a $20 prize) in our July email on July 2nd!


I wish I knew earlier, I would have loved to have taken part. Any way to extend the time?

Hey @shlokjoshivim3ru,

There are two more Hackathons planned for July and August, so keep an eye on the community (and your inbox!) for updates!

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Hey Dom, I had problems understanding what time was the dead line since I couldn’t understand, even after making some researches, if 12 AM is noon or midnight, of the 27th or the 26th, I live in Italy so I just sent the email as soon as possible.

May I suggest that next time you specifiy noon or midnight, or make 11:59 AM, or, even better, you make a petition to change to 24h format for your whole country? :grin:

That would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback @maxb - the next two will be longer than 48 hours, so hopefully it won’t be as much of a sprint! We can definitely set up a world-clock page so that everyone knows the deadline in the future though.


Me too. :grin:

Hello @domhnallohanlon :blush:
Hope you are doing good.

I have created and sent my app to hackathon@thunkable.com and have done all requirements (use Thunkable X, Share on Social, Tag Thunkable, etc…), but unfortunately I got no delivery respond.

should I share my app here as well or…?

Thank you

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Hey @farzam-parto thanks for reaching out! So, Good news/bad news.

The bad news is the deadline for the Hackathon was last Thursday so unfortunately the team won’t be able to review you app if it was submitted today.

We do have a section in the community called #ShareYourApps. It would be amazing if you wanted to share your app with us.

The good news is that the second of our 3 hackathons will be launching this week so keep an eye out for the announcement! :+1: