3 Thai students team up to build "Smart helmet" for the motorcyclist

A group of 3 Thai students from Kanthararom School, Thailand,
• Chainarong Kaewwichai (second from left)
• Thanakorn Waraput (third from left)
• Yardpiroon Pha-iddee (right)

under supervised by Mr. Satapisat Kraisee (left) and Mr. Narongporn Laosrisin, have built “Smart helmet” for the motorcyclist. This project won the first prize of “Bridge 2 inventor challenge 2016” contest, Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr. Narongporn Laosrisin (Advisor for application development)

The technology behind this project are Arduino and Thunkable!
Arduino board is programmed to monitor 3 sensors

  • CO2 level (install in the helmet)
  • Heart rate (install in the helmet)
  • Triple axis accelerometer sensor (install on the motorcycle, to detect sudden change in 3-axis caused by accident)

Once accident is detected, arduino board will communicate back to android app on smart phone.

Arduino board connected with sensors

All circuits are embedded in the helmet. Only 2 sensors shown (CO2 and heart rate monitor)

The students have developed 2 apps using Thunkable.
One is for the motorcyclist and another is for emergency response stuff

On motorcyclist’s side, the app interface with Arduino board via Bluetooth.
When accident occurred, this app will send following data to emergency response center via FirebaseDB.

  • current location of accident (lat, long) from Google maps component
  • motorcyclist’s info (name, mobile phone number, emergency contact person, blood type, vehicle ID)
  • heart rate
  • CO2 level

On the emergency response app, new accident information will trig event DataChanged in FirebaseDB (Both apps share the same FirebaseDB). This app will notify stuffs about the accident, then they can locate motorcyclist and accident via Google maps component

App display dialog about new accident just occurred.

Location of accident and motorcyclist info are shown to stuffs and they can use Google Maps App to navigate them that location.

We think this project is a good start to rescue motorcyclist in the accident and could save more lives.

Narongporn L.


It looks very good! :slight_smile:
And the idea is very great.
Is the app still online on google play or will you puplish it in the future there?
Or is there any other download link available?

best regards,

I like the idea behinds this app. :+1:

What sensors do you use for detecting CO2, heart rate and breath? What do you use the information regarding CO2 for?

He uses a Arduino board to detecting CO2, heart rate and breath.

It is the first prototype. So the app and other hardware are under further development. (not open for download right now.)

We detect CO2 to detect whether motorcyclist still alive, if he can breath then CO2 is detected.

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we just use common sensor found in arduino store


Okay, keep up the good work!
It’s a really nice app project.

I wish you much success in further developing.

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Nice to see such a project that combines hardware and software @Narongporn.

In case a user drops his helmet, will the app sends out information as well? :slight_smile:

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there is no sensor to detect that, but we can program arduino to detect zero heart rate. thank for your comment.

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Very Cool… Good project