[SOLVED] Need help to send continuous real time accelerometer data to thingspeak

Hello, I am creating an IOT app which displays accelerometer data in x, y, z coords. I want help to be able to send this data to thinspeak continuously at realtime and wish to control hardware by using that.
Can someone please help me establish data sending to thingspeak

Hello :wave: @saakshi.shalgaonkar1 Welcome to our community!!!
Please try to put the set Web_API URL block first, above the call Web_API block. You could check the screenshot.

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It worked! thank you so much for the help :smiley:

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Is this data in co-ordinates or acceleration i.e m/s^2

Hello @saakshi.shalgaonkar1!
The values obtained from the sensor are in meters per second squared, m/s^2, more info here

OK got it thanks. Also why aren’t the accelerometer values changing when i’m using the app in a speeding car on a highway. If it is in m/s^2 then values aren’t changing and remain 0. Would it or would it not sense the car acceleration?

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