[Solved] Sensors (Mag, Gyro, Accel) Not Working

The magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer sensors are not triggering change events. I’ve tried a few different test programs and some programs that used to work with the same result.

Here is a link to a test program I created this morning:

I’ve attached a screenshot of the output I get before I press the “Update Gyro” button and after.

I’m using an iPhone 8 with iOS 14.2. I’ve tried accessing thunkable from Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

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Hi @duquesne_dart_lab, welcome to the Community :wave:

This was a regression that came with our last update unfortunately.

The good news is that we fixed this yesterday and the issue was resolved on the latest version of Thunkable Live for Android.

The update to the App Store was approved this morning by the looks of it, so if you update to v253 this should resolve the issue for you:

Apologies again for the inconvenience with this.