[Solved] Gyroscope is not working as of Dec 16th 2020

The Gyro maze project used to work, but it is not working any more. Is the gyroscope not working any more?


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We are testing on iPhone X & 11.

Hi @vishal.bhasinzoi,

What specifically isn’t working for you?

We’ve made some updates to the API Blocks, but I don’t think this will have affected the Gyromaze sample app.

How can I reproduce this behaviour on one of my test devices?


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show project i may help

yep but the changes u have made for apis i want a vid tutorial to learn

yep test it on iphonese

The Gyroscope feature is not working…It was fine a few weeks ago but as of today it doesn’t


We made a new version of lady bug chase Whenever you twisted/moved your phone the ladybug moved with it. Worked fine last week. No longer works when I live test it on my phone


I am having the same problem (iOS).
There is no response from the gyroscope.
I have coded some blocks to retrieve the values from the gyroscope and the accelerometer and show them on a Label and none of them works. It seems that something is blocking the Thunkable Live app from accessing the sensors.
It works fine on Android…



Hey @bredatofy, @cmone, @eko.devs.apploroceo and @vishal.bhasinzoi

Apologies for the inconvenience with this - the issue was fixed by our update last week:


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