Gyroscope and Accelerometer Issues as of Dec 16 2020


I have two separate implementations of a maze app - one using the gyroscope and one using the accelerometer. Neither implementation is working on my iPad. I notice this issue has come up before in this Aug 2020 post, any ideas?

I also notice this recent similar post about gyroscope issues, I’m also posting this issue because this issue raises the fact that the accelerometer also does not work.


I’ve been having a problem with accelerometer not working in my app either since December 14. For 2 of my android devices in the apk and for 1 in the live test.

It works for Version 247 but not for 250. But it only works for 247 when the app is very basic like this accelerometer testing app. For the app I am really developing, it’s super slow on 247 to the point where the app is unresponsive. Before Dec 14, my app was working great on both devices, apk and live testers…

The same problem with iOS as well when downloaded, not sure about iOS live test though because it wasn’t my phone I was able to borrow only briefly. I hope this helps to resolve the glitch.

It doesn’t work for me either :expressionless:

It worked fine before

Yes for me Either
I have never


it out before but now not working :expressionless: :frowning_face:

Hello, I am @cnl_thunkableocfm. I am not related to the @vjcambridge01o account.

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I am not him/her.
Having problems with Thunklable I didn’t have before. Please advise. What is going on with the system?

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