Bluetooth joystick for controlling RC Tank



Using an Arduino and the HC-6 bluetooth module, I was able to control my homemade RC Tank. So… Here is the App that I built.
It sends to the Arduino the current Angle and Radius of the joystick . I use the Angle for direction and the Radius for speed.
I share the project here in case someone has the same need.

AIA: Bluetooth_Control.aia (210.3 KB) (877 Bytes)

Omni Wheels: Bluetooth Robot Controller

Thanks for sharing @Redox, really nice UI. If you have any videos or info on your RC tank feel free to share that here too!


Yes, I will :wink:


Very interesting and nice project. Thank you very much for sharing It. Where did you get the imagens?

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Sorry for the late reply. I’m UI designer. :slight_smile:


can you provide the joystick extension please?


If you would have looked inside the aia file then you would have seen that there is no extension. It’s all made with sprites and it is looking great. So please next time look before asking.


Hi redox! please can i get an image of your block of codes? and also an image of the codes from the arduino IDE. Thanks!


why don’t you just download the project (download link see first contribution in this thread) and take a look at it yourself?




Yes of course!