ESP32 Bluetooth App

Hey guys, I just wanted to share my Thunkable app for Android for two-way BLE communication with an ESP32 using Arduino IDE! You can find instructions and files in the Instructable.



Thanks for sharing Tim!

Will this work with any BLE device or are you using some sort of library specific to the ESP32?

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This app will work with any BLE device! For example, this works with HM-10 Bluetooth as well as nRF Bluetooth (like Adafruit BLE Feather boards). However, the code on the ESP32 to process the sending/receiving of data is, of course, ESP32-specific using Arduino IDE.


However, I should also mention that you will have to edit the UUID’s inside the app to match the code for the BLE device.

Thanks @arduinofanboy!!

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Hey @arduinofanboy , Is it still possible to see the blocks? I’ve just signed up to Thunkable, and I can’t find the “upload app project from my computer” option.
“Click “Apps” at the top left and click “Upload app project (.aia) from my computer”. The “native” file type for Thunkable is “.aia” files and these files will allow you to view and edit code blocks within Thunkable.”

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Same problem here… It seems that uploading .aia files to Thunkable X is not possible anymore. @arduinofanboy could you please help us somehow in this matter? BTW great job, thank you for sharing it.

how to find the UUID?? UUID service, UUID tx and UUID rx @arduinofanboy