Your AdSense account has been terminated

So all i was doing was making money barley a $100 a month and the end result in this. complain ads not showing then this o well

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It would be easy if you could explain a little more or show us the email you received from google team.

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The email said invalid traffic goodbye

That means their systems detected the invalid traffic on your website/app.

Invalid traffic is

  • Viewing / clicking your own ads
  • Also asking users to click the ad in any manner
  • May be you’ve placed ads in places where users are accidentally clicking them.

You can find more about invalid traffic:

My suggestion is once after google systems found that you have invalid traffic then they will never re-enable your account for sure.
If you still think that’s not correct you can drop a claim.

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i think in the process of trying to fix not seeing Ads my ip show as i dont think i click any ads but maybe **impression: way too much my IP on the ads 2 days before i had email admob about why ads not showing they said my account was ok maybe its an SDK problem. Then email from adsense just alot to deal with now

in trying to correct an issue i cause the invalid traffic thats what i think

I don’t think this really needs to be said, but these two things are in absolutely no way related.

Low or no ad inventory is to be expected in an app that is not published. This is Google’s policy to protect their advertisers and makes complete sense.

AdSense is used for websites and is not a Thunkable component. If your Adsense account is suspended the process is you are issued with a warning and then your account gets suspended.