Yiang ( Poker Dice Game)

This app is the second almost complete application from me…
This time it is a game similar to but different from Yahtzee…

The app currently is only available in Greek since it has been initially made for personal use.
When it is properly translated in English it will be available in the Store…

For more info please check here…



I would like to thank the following members for the extensions used:

@Said_Dev : Gif View
@Andres_Cotes : Tabs Swipe, Custom List
@Mika : Special Tools
@Kus_Zab : Listener
@Taifun : Tools
@ILoveThunkable : Web Viewer Dialog
Wei Qiang : Notificate


Congrats @Mr_Blackd ould you provide an APK to test it, please?


First of all you have mistaken my username :joy:

Secondarily do you understand Greek?
It is only a matter of time to translate this also in English so as to share this app…
Please be patient…

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Thanks a lot @Mr_Blackd
Name is edited.

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My brother understands Greek. Would you send me the APK?

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I have been offline during the last days due to personal life obligations, sorry for the delay to answer

the translation to English is almost done so please be patient, it is only a matter of time…

the main reason for not sharing yet is that I intend to upload in the store and if I am not mistaken they do not want to distribute elsewhere the apk if you intend to upload it in the store as well…

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first post updated with play store link…


Dear all I have just released a new apk to Play Store for this app in order to comply with the following

  • target SDK level requirements
  • non personalized ads (as needed for GDPR purposes in EU)

As you may be aware the release may take a little time to appear in the store.

I also want to state that in order to view all 3 screens of this app and actually play this game you need to do a short swipe in a blank area of the screen (or long swipe anywhere).

I want to thank all those that have tried this app and still have it installed and those that have removed it.
I expected more installations (to be honest) but I expected even more comments from those that removed it about what they did not like it so as for me to improve it.

Thank you.

Thanks for the tip dude! I really love to gamble when an online casino can give me such an offer. However, I prefer to choose casinos that can offer me an instant money withdrawal, high percentage of win and even a huge assortment of poker. I really love poker and since there are casinos that has bandar poker and sakong (even domino) I think it’s worth a try (at least for the money and experience). By the way poker online is a good thing…

This is a very old app and it certainly is not related to gamble.
It has a similar logic to poker and if you take a look it is known as Yahtzee.
The only difference is that in all versions I found there is usually 1 column. In this one there are 4.
But I need to make clear that there is no gambling or money transactions in this app. Only a couple of ad banners.
Thanks for the enthusiasm, however.