Dice App - Over 500,000+ downloads!

Dice app built with AI2 and Thunkable surpasses 500,000+ downloads! As far as I know, this is the most popular app ever built with Thunkable. It’s an honor to be the person to create it!

It’s been on Google Play since march 2016, and the latest updates (v7.10) have been built with Thunkable!

Get it for your device here: Dice by SeableApps

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Here’s basically what the app looks like:

Dice won app of the month for AppInventor in January 2017!

Also, thanks to @thunkable, my cousin and I were featured in our local paper! (October 2017)


That’s an awesome app! I have just used 5 mins just rolling the different kind of dices in the app.
I kind of wanna make a dice rolling app now :smile:

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Wow😮 Thats great…
Keep up the great work​:blush::+1:

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Yeah, I worked so hard on that update! Since the update was just released, some people will still see the old version. The best one is v5.05. (which was released last night)


I like the new UI. it’s better than previous one. no one can actually distinguish between your app made with thunkable and an app made with Android studio.


Yeah I know, lol. I worked on that update for a month. I’m so glad it’s over!! :joy:

Hey can you share the apk file with me please
Google Play will only allow me to download the app if I delete my other apps.

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I added the APK to the top. Thanks!

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Another lil request:
Can you share your aia file?
I’m trying to do something a bit similar, but don’t know how to change the pictures to random pictures.


Put all the file names of the image in a list, then set the image of whatever component you are using to a random item of the list.


What kind of container do I put it in?

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I’ve updated my reply above…

Just passed 200,000 downloads!

I can’t seem to edit the post anymore though.


Congratulations. Nice work!

A idea for your next update is to use my new gesture extension to make new numbers on the dice via finger swipe :slight_smile:


By the way, 200.000 installs is a pretty awesome recognition. How did you promote your App @tysonseable?

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It had no ads, and it slowly climbed up the list and started getting more downloads. I don’t know exactly what caused it, but utilizing the keywords definitly helped. Now we’re the top app when you search “Dice” on Google Play. (Excepting the ads at the top)


Unbelievable. Great Luck. I know a sad story about three guys and a start-up. They put a lot of money in promotion and didn’t manage to get even more than 2.000 installs…

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Great! Congratulations :heart:

Hey everyone, today I released an update (v5.26) that fixes the free pro bug, improves the interface, and includes ads. I set up a Firebase database so I can turn on and off the ads whenever I want to.

Unfortunatly, there’s a bug that prevents about 8% of my users (Android 4.- versions) from entering the settings screen. I’ll be fixing it soon, but it’s partly because @Helios’s extension dosen’t support toggle switches with the Halo theme. It would be a nice thing to include in the ExtraComponents Extension!

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