Dice!: a simple dice app

Dice lets you roll a die and share the result. One can also change the design of the die. The app is currently in German, but I want to add English later.


I know there are plenty of those, but this app is actually my oldest one so I wanted to upload it.

Cool! I’ve also made my own dice app, you can see it here:

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Die? Do you have a problem with your “C” key? Looks like it’s not working.

:joy: Dice is plural form of Die, but still it sounds weird

Really? I didn’t know that :laughing:
I’ve been saying Dice all my life for both singular and plural :sweat_smile:

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Dice is correct as well. Die is no longer used (pretty much Victorian). Dice is the accepted form.

That’s funny because I noticed that I wrote dice and corrected it. Only in the first word I forgot to delete the “c”, but now I know that the singular form is no longer used.

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