Write Firebase data

Dear on my user registration screen, I’m using two components: spinner and radiobutton. The spinner is for blood type and the radiobutton for sex (male, female and others) however, I don’t know how to record the data after being selected from the database. Could you please help me?

what type of data structure do you want to have. all users separate? all users put into same spreadsheet?

All users separated according to their characteristics. Maybe I’m getting it wrong but I just need to save what was selected in Radiobutton and Spinner. Ex .: Paul is male and has positive O blood type. Ana is female and has a negative blood type. I just want to know how to treat these two components.

You can use the userID provided by the Firebase login as part of the firebase key

Set the key path like this

Key = APPNAME/userID/bloodtype

Jared, I don’t think I can explain it to you. Perform user registration I know how to do. My problem is how to save selected data in the Radiobutton and Spinner components. That’s it!

sorry. based on the choice the user makes, you want to save that selection?

Yes, that it!

Jared, I managed to save the data to RadioButton:

Now to read what’s inside it how do I do it?