Working with hours on thunkable

Hi, guys…

Does anyone know if I can make a button hide within a specific time and display it at another time? Does anyone have any videos or tutorials that will help guide me on how to do this?


can you explain more what are you trying to say

Hi @dantec.sbcvr,
I’m not sure what you are trying to convey.
Could you explain it a bit further?

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Oh, I think that he wants to hide a button some time after the screen is opened/button clicked, and show it again later. Is that correct @dantec.sbcvr?

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@dantec.sbcvr if you want to make it like @codeswept said then
add a timer component and enter the time interval as you like
if you want to make it happen once the loop - false or loop - true
when screen opens
timer enabled to true

when timer fires
if button visible = true
button visible to false
else button visible to true

hi @codeswept

In fact I want the button to be active from Monday to Saturday until 2 pm. after that time, the button allowed access only on the saturday.


Play around with the time/date blocks in the Device drawer and use an If block within the “when button click” block to allow/disallow something to happen.

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It’s best to do this when your clock’s minute hand is exactly at 12. That makes it much easier.
Follow and read this conversation(link beside) to get current date and time.Initialize a couple of variables to store the information. Then you can use (of course in blocks)
if var date = “Saturday” and var hour ≥ 14
from button1 set visible to false
from button set visible to true.
Hope this helps!
Happy Thunking!

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