Disabling an action

Good day thunkers , please I need your assistant on how to deactivate a button for 24 hours,or probably if it can be done by a cloud variable.

You could set a variable to the value of the seconds since 1970 block in the Device drawer and then check to see if 24 hours (86400 seconds) have passed since that initial check. But you’d need to check it using a timer or other method.


Oh thanks for your response @tatiang ,but am currently lost in this,I don’t even know how to make this work at all,am not familiar with the timer component if you could please help show me how.
Thanks to you so far

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Here’s a demo project (see the screen with your username):


You’ll need to change the +10 value to something else such as +86400. And I would also adjust the timer interval to something other than 1 second. If you’re waiting 24 hours, you could probably check every minute or every 5 minutes or something like that. It’s also going to check when the screen opens each time so the timer is only needed because someone could leave the app open for a while and not re-open the screen frequently.

You can change the interval in the Timer settings (gear icon):


Thanks for your help @tatiang,I am gonna try this out as soon as I get back home from work.
I really appreciate this man :hugs:

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