How to check few "if conditions" blocks at 1 time for delay time functions

There are 3 buttons in one of my screen.

when button 1 clicked it’s disabled for 30 minutes
when button 2 clicked it’s disabled for 1 hour
when button 3 clicked it’s disabled for 2 hours

I could make that function using “since 1970” block, helped with thunkable community. :slight_smile:

when screen opens, it checks what buttons are already pressed and keep disabled till trigger the timer (function using “since 1970” block).

The problem is…
I can not check all 3 buttons pressed status at one time.
if one checked and if it’s identified as a already pressed button, it’s stay whole remain time and after that go to next set of blocks.
so the other buttons delays more duration.

anyone can help me on this matter please …

Hey @iqbandara11xvit

As an alternative approach, you could do something like this where a countdown is displayed on the button: