Better Idea for a delay function?

Hi, for my memory game app I need a function to wait for a small amount of time after someone has opened two pictures by button click. So the user can see his choice for a second or less.

My solution is to get the seconds since 1970, add the seconds to wait and count down to the actual seconds since 1970. That works. But only for whole seconds. With tests to use a timer, I failed.
Is there an idea to create a wait function by use of the timer?

Link to my project:


Why not use the wait block @rollke?

Obviously, with 20 buttons you’d want to create a function here instead, but these blocks work fine for me.

Here’s a demo:


Here’s a quick tutorial showing how to make a full parameterised version of this:

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I really forgot this control “wait”. Could it be, that it was not there in former times. Sometimes things change or improve and you do not recognize :wink:

That is the proper solution. Wait even works with decimal.

Than You.

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