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Hi everyone, I am a beginner in Thunkable and I am currently trying to create a Quote of the day app but personalised. I mean each person should get different random value from spreadsheet only once a day. I already created the part with deriving info from the spreadsheet but I struggle creating the button to be clicked only once and refreshing after 00:00. I already searched in the forum for this issue —> found a solution but unfortunately it works for the classic version of Thunkable, but not with the new platform. So my question is can someone help me figuring out how to make this button disappear or disable when is already clicked today, even after closing the page or the app.
Thank you in advance!

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Hello Mihaela - welcome to the thunkable community!

I believe the following blocks are what you require:


When the button is pressed it stores today’s date, then when the screen opens it will check that variable, and if it is equal to today it will disable and hide the button - if it is not equal to today it will mean the button has not been pressed and will assume it is a different day.

Here is a link if that assists: Thunkable

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Hi there,
I like your solution,but when I open this project on livetesting.The button always disable and invisible without I gonna to click.
Is this issue only occurs on me?


Yes you’re right, for some reason this was occurring - I believe it had to do with the else statement,

I have fixed it as below

I have also adjusted this to stored variables, because stored variable can be retrieved from a previous session which will be required - link here: Thunkable

Emm…Am I still occurring that?

Thank you so much!!! The first screenshot works for me. I just adjusted some of the true/false statement for visible and disabled. Thank you again! :star_struck:

Great no problem! Did you want to mark this as solved?