Is there a way to check if buttons were clicked?

Is it possible to do something like if button click do? I need to check if a button was clicked before to prevent the user from doing the same actions twice.

So, I knew this answer and if , should not be used here, instead, you can disable the button once the user clicks it , ok?

If I used the button to increase the value of a data, is it possible to ensure that the button only allows the user to increase the value of a certain data once? I can’t just set the button to disabled because I’m using one button to add value to different data.

I’m not sure if you understand but I’ll be really grateful if you could help. Thanks.

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Please give an example of how this would work. For example, the user presses the button and fishCount increases by one; the next press of the button increases dogCount by one.


I’m making a timer that saves the times. When the user clicks the data viewer list (a list of their times), the user is sent to a screen with a button that allows them to add 2 seconds to their time. This button can add 2 seconds to a recorded time but I want to ensure that this 2 seconds can only be added once to a time and not repeatedly allow the user to add 2 seconds to said time.

One way to accomplish this is to have a “max value” column in your data source and when you set the time (say, 1:33) for a specific row, also set the max value to that time plus two (say, 1:35).

Then for your button, do:

When button click:
if time < max value then change time by 2.


we can also make a stored variable
when data viewer item click
if stored variable you null
then add 2 seconds (to where you want to store)
set stored variable to “button clicked (or something)”
else label1 set text to “already clicked (or something)”

if you dont want else block then dont use

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About this,how can I make first click increase count value and if user click again,make it decrease value on a particular data in database,am working this with CUSTOM USER GRIDVIEW in thunkable and Airtable
I hope you understand what I mean

Can you give an example of this? What is the context for doing this?

What blocks have you tried (post a screenshot)?