Working with FTP or GoogleDisk?

Friends, tell me please - does Thunkable work with FTP?
Or maybe it is possible to work directly with GoogleDisk?
I have a task - I need to save pictures, and it would be convenient to save them on the FTP server, get the address of the picture and use it if necessary, but I don’t know how to implement this :frowning:

Or - maybe - is there a method for saving images directly to GoogleDisk?

Thank you!

  1. Could you tell me what a FTP is?
  2. You can save an image to Firebase.

That will not be easy at all. FTP servers works on scripts and you will have to design your own script interpreter to make it work.
The other issue is that you need to be able to decide what the URL your image was saved under so that you can call it from Thunkable.

You will need API to work with it.

I would recommend using Google sheet. Thunkable can connect directly to sheets and you can save images in sheets. I have never tried it but worth trying.

Thunkable uses Cloudinary, Is there a reason not to use it?


Thanks all! I still have a lot to learn…

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I tried to save the picture to a cell in Google tables - alas, it doesn’t work :frowning:

Maybe there is some other option? And regarding the API - can you have a little more information? I am just starting my way in development - many things are very difficult for me.

Excuse me for the long answer - there were technical difficulties.

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Check this video tutorial. It gives detailed instructions to load files to Google drive.

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The video is awesome! I had no idea that you can create something like this!

In general, I understood the essence of the work, but it is not clear how to implement this in Thunkable. Maybe you can tell me in which direction I need to move?

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When you deploy the Google sheet script, you will get a URL.

Call the URL either from the web viewer or from the open link block in the control drawer.

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Thanks! I will try. I understand that I don’t understand anything :slight_smile:
But I’m just learning.

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