How to save a canvas drawing in a google sheet cell?


my problem if you can help me would be much appreciated :slight_smile: :
i created a canvas (thunkable X) and i would like to send my drawing to a google sheet cell exactly the same way im sending text with the DATA SOURCES block.

its seems to be possible only with the base64encoding (is it really only possible that way ?) but i don’t understand how to do it without extensions.

can you help me please ? .

Thank you !


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I have two recommendations to avoid base64 encoding:

  1. Upload the image to Cloudinary and then store the url in a Google Sheet.

  2. Use Airtable. It supports image file uploads.

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If you still need to do it in Base64 all what you need to do is this

See, I used Share to send it to WhatsApp

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thx both for your time. i will investigate that. im not stuck anymore :slight_smile:

thank you !

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im coming back because i don’t understand how to do it… i’ve done lot of research but it seems that the “mediaDB things” is not working anymore… am i wrong ?
i mean when i’m putting my Cloudinary Settings the mediaDB block does not appear anywhere…
i tried to put my Cloudinary settings in the apps sample : Thunkable
and its not working… despite the fact that this app got the mediaDB thing already.
And i don’t get why this app does have it and not mine…
i feel so stupid right now…
If you could help me please…
Thx in advance

Are you using the new Drag & Drop interface or the older Snap to Place interface? If you’re not sure, post a screenshot of your Design or Blocks page.

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the new drag and drop. is that a prob ? there are more fonctionnality in the oldest ?

See this topic:

And this documentation:

Thx again for your answer but i tried it in both ways : the old interface:
i put in mediadb parameters cloudinary name /ey/secret and i do the block link here :

NOT WORKING. no image to cloudinary at all.

so i try it with new interface ( drag and drop) :

nothing uploaded. i tried it many way with bloks but its very hard ( impossible ?) to find anyone doing 1 example to help.

i don’t get it. if you still have some patience thank for your help :frowning:

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Currently, Thunkable only supports upload to Cloudinary using a URL or a local file in the phone and therefore your case (uploading an image from the app, will not work.

Cloudinary has API calls which can take care of such situations but I have not tried it myself.

wow ok. i though a so basic thing could not be unavailable… thank you. at least your explanation is very clear.

Thank you again !

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See this from Cloudinary API documentation

hum ok. will investigate that way. thank you.

Hello @206vincia2kau
I know you want to save the image to a Google sheet and what I’m offering here is not that but at least it takes you a step closer.

I made this sample app which has a Canvas that you can draw on and then a Save button which will send the image information to a simple JavaScript file to save the image to your computer.

Try it and let me know if it solves part of your problem.

@tatiang @codeswept @domhnallohanlon @jane @namitnagar
Appreciate if you can check it and give me your feedback.

App image

The saved file


Works great on my MacBook Air. On my iPhone, the named link appears but I can’t save it. Tapping on it or tapping and holding doesn’t do anything.

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Yes, I know, the phone permission will not allow the file to be saved anywhere in the phone. I can work around it but at this stage just want to see it working.

Many thanks for your feedback.

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This is a really cool solution. This allows us to send images to Firebase for retrieval as needed. This also means we can do cooler shit like send this in an api cal to a cloud function that converts (as needed) and stores the image in Firebase file storage.

Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for your comments

It is downloading in my android and windows laptop you are great @muneer such a great solution

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Thanks for your testing and confirmation