Want to add photos through google drive url

Please mark my words i have been using thunkable but i dont know how to add drive url to my app please hell urgent!!!

Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean anyone here has to rush to help you. Please be respectful of other people on these forums.

If you really do need immediate help then you should pay for a Pro subscription so that you can get faster assistance from the staff here. But otherwise, the people you’re asking to hurry up and help you are just other users like you… we volunteer our time to help each other.

Start by explaining more about what you’re wanting to do, what you’ve tried and what happens when you use certain settings/blocks. One sentence is usually not enough information to provide in order to get help here.


Sir actually idont exactly know how to add image url so please guide me. I would be grateful if u help me

Divy Asati

Please provide more information on what you want to do.

Actually i have 300 images that has to be uploaded on the aap but if i add the images the app size would be too large so i just want to know that how can we link our project with drive so that will make my work easier or u can just tell me how to do it with firebase. So please help me regarding this.


You will need to host the images somewhere in the cloud. You can do this with a Cloudinary account and then add the urls to Thunkable in a local DB (database) or Google Sheet.

Make the URL public.
So every one can Read it with the link.
Then Just simply add a set image picture block.
And add a string to it and put the URL in it.

Sir can u come on anydesk software and lead me beacause i am a bit new

No, sorry, but you can start working on a project and look through the many tutorials and Thunkable documentation about how to do things like this and then ask specific questions when you have them.

Sir there is no component like set image block url. To give image url

You can drag a text block onto the ride side of a “set image’s picture to” block and then type or paste in a url:

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Yep @tatiang has the example i meant.
But i call it a string instead of a text block.

Actually sir thnks for your time but i want to say that if i had uploded my all photos to cludinary so i just want that only on one click all the pictures should be there like a gallery.

Sir actually i want o add multiple pictures with same link so when i clock the button it shouldbredirect it to the page

you can add all links of the images to a list and then display them in the images.