Will we ever be able to build plugins or extensions?

This is a question for Thunkable Admins, unless you can quote or link to a conversation you’ve had with one of them.

As was possible with Classic, will the ability to build extensions/plugins (but with React Native) be opened up to the public? If you ever need a beta tester for this, I’m game! My JS game is getting strong. I’d take a RN course just to jump on the wagon and get up to speed if so!

Is it even on the horizon at all?

Maybe you’re looking for a junior developer who’s also a board certified behavior analyst with a specialization in improving employee performance? I’ :rofl:

Pinging admins here to hopefully get the best possible answer.
@wei @Steven @arun @domhnallohanlon @jane


I’m not one of the above named but Extensions will only be possible if Apple allows them. I doubt anyone here has any influence on Apple’s policies so as far as Extensions go no one knows.

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I have to disagree with you @Dean_Artis , Thunkable uses RN (React Native) and there are tons of extensions (libraries) for it and being used and published without any issues. The only restriction is to be kept to the same language of the platform (JavaScript) and not to call external executable modules.

If it works for others then why it does not work for us???


You’re misunderstand the Apple policies, I believe. They don’t know what Thunkable extensions were I wouldn’t imagine. But, perhaps some clarification from the admin team would help!