Why webview is opening links _blank on website externally?

Hi there, I don’t know why Webviewer is opening links _blank (new tab) in the website externally on Android.

On IOS it’s opening internally, but on Android it’s opening exterlly, how can I change this?

If I cant’t, does this kind of action work for all androids? or some androids versions will open internally and others externally?


What do you mean by internally vs. externally? Can you give an example or a screenshot?

Yes, Thanks. Internally is opening inside “webviewer”, externally, is opening the link into an external browser like, Google Chrome. As soon as I click on a link inside Webviewer, it opens a browser with the url clicked and leaves the app. Thanks

I understand now. Hopefully someone with an Android device or a Thunkable Staff member can help you with this.

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