Webview: Open link outside the app (External browser) - Help


Is there a way to make Webview open links outside the app (with Safari or Chrome)?
For example by injecting JS?

Thank you guys!

You can use this:
You can find this at the bottom of the CONTROL drawer.


Is it part of Webview module? I was referring to links displayed by a webview.

to open links in app then use web viewer if you want to open links in a browser and then use the open link block

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is that working for you

Thank you for your reply. Let me give more details:

The webview opens all links inside the webview itself by default. in other words, links are opened inside the Thunkable app.

My request is: To open the links (being inside a webview) in external browser (Chrome etc).
Knowing that a webview: Opens web app based on its URL.

Does is make sense?

Something like to override Webview.

        public boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading(WebView view, WebResourceRequest request) {
            Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, request.getUrl());
            return true;

so you are telling to open link in chrome app of device if yes then use the open link block

If you want to open the link that was inside the Web Viewer, this might work.
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Do you mean you want to redirect within the webviewer and not in the native phone browser?


You want to click a link in webviewer and be redirected to the native phone web browser?

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I want to click a link in webviewer and be redirected to the native phone web browser

can someone please tell me how can i restrict a link opening in webview only?
i don’t it to be opened in mobile browser.

im trying to add my website but it keeps saying refuse to connect what should i do???

Hey @clayonbrown3177v this seems to be a different qeustion than where the original topic is about.
Could you please create a separate topic with your qeustion.


are you testing on companion or in website thunkable creator website itself @clayonbrown3177v