Open link from Webview to another app or browser

I only managed for android while doing:

web: //

I tried to do the same on the iPhone and it does not. I tried other names and I could not. Only on Android.

Would you be able to tell me what URL I can use to make iOS PageView recognize that I want the link to open in the browser and not within PageView?


try to use plugin for IOS ( now I can’t remember the name of that plugin that allowed to do it )

Hi @alissonar7,

You should be able to use the open link block to do this:


@maxmuller2199v0y, currently Thunkable X doesn’t support plugins.

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What’s mean on error

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The ‘on error’ block just means that if the link can’t be opened (maybe because the user isn’t connected to the internet), to do whatever action is in that block. You could use to to display a message like “Can’t open this link! Please check your connection and try again.”

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Ha, I suggest it rename to “if error”.