Is it possible to use open link block and tile the new window?

My app does not run as desired in webviewer. The only option is to use open link block to open an external web page which takes me away from the app. I will be fine if the two windows open side by side. Is there a way to do this?
Please help.


Can you explain in a little more detail what doesn’t work in WebViewer?. Are you using a DataURI or html file that connects external files, or does WebViewer not support the object you need?

Trying to integrate audio/video call api. See this demo app. The button that open link to external web works ok. But opening the same web page in webviewer does not work. I have contacted support but there seems to be no fix yet. I guess it has to do with camera and audio permissions:

Yes, it works in the browser.

I managed to make it work in WebViewer on Android 9. To do this, go to the settings of the Thunkable X app and enable access to the camera and sound.

The only problem: after disabling the view window on my phone, the app freezes

oh. Thanks. My design is for Mobile web App. I hope will have a fix for it soon.
Thank you.