How to create a link in a webviewer that will open in a web browser?

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I am trying to wrap a Wordpress site into thunkable using the Web_Viewer component. There are going to be links that have to open in a browser outside of the app. How should the links in the Wordpress site be created so that they can open a browser outside of the app?

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Doesn’t WP allow you to set a link to open in a new window? This might be a better question for their forum?

Hello Jared, thank you for your response. I totally didn’t word that well. I would like a page to open in a web browser. Didn’t know if a link could be configured so that if selected in Thunkable, it would open in a web bowser outside the app.

if you are linking to a webpage from a button or action that occurs in the app, you could use this block

or are you asking, while running the app with a WP webpage on the screen using the webviewer, and you click on a link on that webpage, can you set thunkable or wordpress to tell the phone, “dont open this in the app, open an actual browser?”

Exactly, I would be selecting the link in the Wordpress webpage, but I didn’t know if there was a way to make the link tell to not open in the app, but an actual browser.

Thunkable does not offer that choice at this time.

Thank you for the response, Jared. It’s appreciated!

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@leah.marie.glick599p, happy to help! Although it does not exist now, it may be worth putting in a request on the Thunkable Github Feature Request Page

Happy thunking!

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