Webview link opening in external browser

Hello Thunkers.

Is there a way to open a webview link in an external browser (chrome or safari).

The issue is when current webview opens a link it stays in the same view with no way to go back.


Hello @sam_mo,

Try using this block,

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My point is slightly different, suppose I am opening a page in Webview. In this loaded page there are links.
How can I open those links in an external browser? in Javascript to be injected to allow this?


In my Thunking experience I have never seen any component or component properties to open in a browser, though I think that the links will open in Chrome itself.

Thank you for your reply. Makes sense.
The solution would be to use back button press I believe.

How can I reload webview with a different url (let’s say home page) when I press back button?

By pressing the back button your app will redirect you to the last screen you visited in the app.

I have one screen only, it’s a webview. If I press It will exit the app unless I setup a webview reload with different url which I am trying to figure out how. Any suggestion.


You can reload your page but if the user triggers the back button in his/her device you can’t do anything :frowning: . Thunkable hasn’t provided features for this particular UI(Back Button Trigger)

Thanks for your replies @browncoatjustice52 !