In-App Browser Issues

I have my app working almost flawlessly on Android, but the in-app browser on IOS is not compatible with a website I am trying to go to. Is there a way to make a web link in the In-App browser call up the system browser (example: Safari)?

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Yes, there is such an opportunity.


If this is not a secret, can you find out the url of the site that is not compatible with the Web Viewer?

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With some websites the default webview doesn’t work properly
So check use external browser :wink:

Thank you. I am actually trying to edit a link on my website to call up a system browser. If I remake the screen with buttons it works, but I was trying to keep this part of the app editable via the web host as there will be constant changes. Hopefully that makes sense. When I try to make it open another “window” it stays in the internal browser instead of opening it externally.

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Yes, this can work too

It is a secure patient portal website that I do not manage. It works great in android, and I figured the internal browser should work as it doesn’t save anything. Here is a link it is readily available on our website, so it shouldn’t be an issue posting it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to exchange data between the Web Viewer and the native part, which would allow us to open external links from the internal browser and solve many other problems.

Alrighty, thanks. I figured that might be the case, but thought I would run it through here first.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, as I am a new Thunker. I wanted to say that the Web Viewer Component is NOT compatible with some sites on a computer, but in mobile phones, almost all the websites are compatible on the world-wide web!