Why my exported android app keep stopping? please tell me what to do to run app smoothly

When I export my android app and installed on my android smartphone it gets stopped and the error shows ‘app stopped working’ and ‘open the app again’ this two types of error it always shows.
Please tell me the solution to that problem.

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nobody can help you if you do not even provide basic informations… That’s like asking “my leg hurts tell me why”


see if you have something related to the play sercvices of your device, I had something similar, updated it and solved my problem.

and @Chris I think you should be more flexible, your answers do not help that way.

you cannot give a good helpful answer if the question lacks all the details needed to give any advice! I don’t get how people are not able to realize that questions totally make no sense if one does not even provide the least of details…

as i wrote earlier it is like telling a doctor “something hurts, help”. the doc would have to ask at least 10 more questions to find a possible reason / solution and that is simply not what people are here to do with their private free time. If you would tell him you fell on your knee 2 hours ago and now it hurts and looks deformed he can assist you much faster with way less effort!


Don’t know if this will help, but I would get to a certain point in adding images to my app then it would crash. I would remove and all was fine…but I needed thoses images. After a few minutes of thought I realized that my images were probably way too big. I resized to what I actually needed and it no longer crashes and runs much smoother. So without much knowledge of your situation, you could consider my situation.

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