Why isn't my image slider not work look at attachment

Is each image a direct link to the image?

Also instead of having when home starts pick random item, have when home starts enable the timer, and have the timer set to loop.

Also in the variable, remove random item of list and have it just list.

And under the timer, remove the list block and the 3 text blocks, and set it to app spotlight_image


Thank you!!

No problem :slight_smile:

if this solved your problem you can mark the post as the solution. if not I can assist you further.


Sure, I’m working on it as we speak.

OK I did something wrong here

The green block that you have set resize mode needs changed. Set that block to from Spot_img set image to to pick random item from list and then click the variables spot_img into that, like so:

Now set the image parameters in the design screen, like so:

And set the timer like so, you can change the timer parameters by clicking on its icon, which is located below the screen view in the designer tab. Here is an example:

Hopefully this helps you out.

The only issue is that some images will show twice, even three times in a row. If you plan on using more images I am sure this wouldn’t be an issue, but if you aren’t then I can show you a solution to that.


I’m going to use a lot more images I’m just trying to work on a list of different tasks at a time. Thank you very much. Testing it now

Okay. This works for as many images as you wan’t really. You can even have it set to update via a database, by changing the list items :slight_smile:

do I need the num varible or should I remove that as well

No need for that in my code, so yes remove it.

its working but the image is all the way to the right of the screen instead of centered.

how do i set up a test phone on the laptop?

Can you show me a photo of your design screen. Is the item in a row that is set positioned to the right, does the image block have a margin on it? Please check, or send a screenshot here.

Go to the Google Play store or Apple App Store and search for Thunkable Live. You want to download the cross platform one, that looks like this:

Then sign in with the same Google account that you are using to edit the project on. Once you have that you can select the project in app for live testing, or click the live test button at the top right of your screen:


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is there a way i can test on my laptop?

Yes, you could install some sort of virtual machine that runs android. Take Bluestacks as an example, it works great, but it is Android. You can find a download link here.

You could use airplayer built into mac and ios and stream your phone to your mac/macbook. If you don’t want to use a phone, then Bluestacks is the best option. I would not trust ios virtual machines, as the code would be pirated and potentially malicious.

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cool thanks here is the screenshot

Okay, can you show me a screenshot of the properties of the image, you can bring this up by clicking on the image and navigating to the right hand side of the screen. Scroll down and find something called margin and padding, if any of the 4 variables that are below these contain numbers that are not 0, then delete them.