Why is my app log in/sign up not working?

Would appreciate any help xx

Welcome to Thunkable!

This is not enough information to help you. What error are you getting? Which part of the sign up/sign in process is not working? How is it not working? How have you tested it or debugged it? Here’s how I debug my apps in Thunkable: Debugging in Thunkable X (Video)

That helped a lot. Now I have found my error but am not sure how to solve it. It comes up with “Firebase: Error (auth/configuration-not-found).”. How do I solve this?

If you Google that error, it indicates that your Firebase authentication is not enabled or correctly configured in the Firebase console:

The error ‘auth/configuration-not-found’ usually indicates that there is a problem with the Firebase Authentication configuration on your project. It might be that the authentication method you are trying to use hasn’t been enabled in the Firebase Console, or there might be an issue with the configuration settings of your Firebase project.

Ensure that you have correctly set up Firebase Authentication and enabled the desired sign-in method(s) in the Firebase Console under the Authentication section.