[Solved] I gam receiving error code 400 when using Firebase authentication

I got this error
while running the sign in app with drag and drop feature so please can anybody help me??

Sid you include your Firebase info?

Api key and url

yes included my firebase info

You get that error when trying to login using Firebase? The error 400 indicates that something is missing.

I’d recommend erasing and reentering your Firebase info in the thunkable app settings for starters. This step is to ensure you have correct/up to date info. I’d suggest copy/paste from Firebase

Next, ensure in the Firebase console that you have enabled email login as a form of authentication.

Also, I updated the title of the thread to reflect the actual issue


hmm let me try that and see

thanks @jared for helping :smiley:

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Muchisimas gracias me salvaste :pray: :pray:

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