Why is my airtable and linked local table out of sync?

I have a data base on Airtable. This works decent untill i add new info. After i click update it looks like it’s updating but it does nothing. The only way i’ve found is to delete the data base and reinstall it.

Am i doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Freek Apeldoorn

Please post a screenshot of your blocks. I don’t know what you mean by “After I click update.”

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My mistake i meant in the sync with source button

Does the table (in your screenshot) get updated with the new data?

If so, where is the problem occuring? If not, then it sounds like a bug with the Sync with Source button.

Yea than i guess that’s the issue. Because it doesn’t update!

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The Sync with Source button does not update the data content. This button only update the database structure.

As an example, if you add a column in your Airtable then this new column will not be reflected to Thunkable until you Sync the Airtable table again.

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And how would I do this? Because I only taught there was the sync with source button!

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View your table in Airtable directly. Or add a DVL (Data Viewer List) to your screen and bind it to the table / columns you want to check.


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