Airtable changing tables structure during developing problem

I’m developing an App using a Data viewer grid and a data viewer list.
I’m building may tables while developing app.
The problem is that if I change something in the structure of my tables, Thunkable doesn’t recognise changes.
There is no way to refresh info about tables and fields.
The only way is to delete completely the DataSource and relink all settings.
Plus, Even If I delete all Datasources, when i try to Add a new one, i can see all older datasources in a list and If the sources has same name I can see it as many times as I added it without knowing which is the more updated.

I think you are needing to find the “My Data Sources” tab from you Thunkable home page. Instead of deleting and re-adding the source multiple times, which is where I believe your list of “older datasources” is coming from. So whenever you make a change to your airtable click the sync button for the corresponding data source, then check in app to see updated data

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Thank you so much! This is the solution.