Why does my project output the same thing no matter what i enter?

it was designed to test the amount calories in fries, apples or broccoli by inputting a photo of one of those. but for example, I input an apple photo on my first run then it kept showing apple’s data no matter what the picture was. I used an airtable to store the tag and description of the image recognizer and the other one to hold food data.
any help is soo much appreciated

link to project


also, the app warns you if the daily calorie count exceeds 2000
it will reset in your first search the next day.

I know that Thunkable converts Airtable to a local database when a project is shared so this screenshot might not match what you are seeing but I’m curious… what value are you using for the row id?

What happens if you remove the navigate to blocks? It’s possible that your blocks don’t have enough time to complete the update value function before the project navigates away to a different screen. If that solves the issue, consider adding a wait block before each navigate to block.

Also, I’m going to remove the “Urgent help needed thxxxxxxxxxxx” from your topic title. We’re mostly just users here, like you, and asking us to hurry to help you is inconsiderate. If you need faster help, consider paying for a membership that offers staff assistance.


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