Why does my application bug (partially)?


it works on my pc in preview mode, with the thunkable live app it works on an android 7.0 tablet but on two devices one with android 9.0 and the other android 11.0 when I go on a screen it stops
I looked at the variables, nothing suspicious what else can I do?

You’ll need to include more details!


I removed the blocks from the block when screen opens and my application bug too
it could be a variable but it works on my old tablet it’s too frustrating
I examine variable after variable and I do not see what is wrong …

I start from the principle that all that we have to press button label cannot cause an error if there is no variable which poses problem

Without seeing your blocks or your full project, I have no idea what could be causing the problem. It’s not even clear to me what the problem is.


the screen where most of the application takes place bugs while other screens work

while it works in preview mode on pc and on old android 7 tablet with thunkable live (a less “strict” android?)

Is a variable initialized twice in the same screen the cause of this blocking?
i will know when i get back home

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