Why do I need to Add Tracking Usage Description?

It seems like every time I login to Thunkable, there is a new policy or requirement before one can test or publish their App. This time I was presented with Add Tracking Usage Description and Thunkable would not even allow me to test or publish my app for testing.

I don’t want to run any ads or have plans of running ads on my App so why should I be required to create AdMob account.

Any solutions or I absolutely need to do that?


Hi @thunkable28, thanks for reaching out about this. The User Tracking Usage Description is needed for more than just adding in AdMob.

The requirements for a UTUD vary depending on what components your project uses. If your app contains AdMob, Location Sensor, Push Notifications, or a Web Viewer then you will be required to inform your user why the app is requesting permission for user or device tracking.


AdMob can use your end users’ location to show them relevant ads. Your end users need to consent to their location being used to show them relevant ads.

Example: This identifier will be used to deliver personalized ads to you.

Push Notifications

OneSignal has the option of collecting user data. You must include this information in your Tracking Usage Description.

Example: In-app activity is tracked to deliver relevant messaging at relevant times for the user

Web Viewer

Most websites collect or utilize some kind of user data. This includes but isn’t limited to: username, password, real name, medical issue, etc. Your end users need to consent to this data being tracked.

Note: you do not need to include a permission string if your Web Viewer only accesses a local HTML file.

Example: This app accesses X website. Your data may be shared with this website to facilitate functionality.

Location Sensor*

Your end user’s location is sensitive data. If you include a Location Sensor and transmit the users location to an external service for any purpose, you must tell your end user exactly why you need to track their location.

Example: This app uses your location to show you information relevant to your area.

Open Link Blocks

Most websites collect some kind of user data. Your end users need to consent to this data being tracked. It is your responsibility to identify and account for any data being tracked.

Example: This app opens links in browsers that in turn ask for location information or mic access to provide a better end user experience.

If your app does not contain AdMob, Location Sensor, Push Notifications, or a Web Viewer then you should leave the Tracking Usage Description field blank. Do not enter a string explaining that you are not tracking anything. If there is any text in this box Apple will think you are tracking your end users.

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