Why do I get "Unfortunately, "APPNAME" has stopped" error for every Thunkable X app on Android, when Classic apps work fine?

Hi there, neither the Thunkable X app by tunkable, nor the apps I make on x.thunkable.com can be opened at all on my Android Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 phone (Android version 4.4.4.). As soon as I click the app icon, I get a black message “Unfortunately, APPNAME has stopped” (replace APPNAME with the actual name of the app.

This only applies for apps I make with Thunkable X (and of course I’m talking about apk files). Apps built with the classic Thunkable run just fine on the same phone. I tried making really simple and really complex apps, and this is the case all the time.

Any ideas why and how to fix this?


Many threads on the forum about this issue, a new release of thunkable is coming by the end of next week and should fix it.

Nice day :slight_smile:

Same problem with Android 6.0, the Thunkable Live app can be installed, but stops few seconds after startup. I have freed up memory but to no avail.
Thunkable Classic works fine.
Please help.

j’ai la même erreur que faire? Je soupçonne le composant device. Avez vous aussi constaté ce problème ? Merci de me repondre. Urgent!!!