Why are you running Thunkable X?

Yes, don’t take me wrong, you do think once where was Thunkable Classic and now where is Thunkable X.

  1. Live test is not showing properly
  2. App exporting 30mb? I used Simple 2 screen with 2 buttons and a Drawer_Navigator1 (not working)
  3. No proper systematic like Thunkable classic or other app inventor platforms
  4. Missing of features (Splash Screen, More Monitization, more basic components)
  5. Not only I, many YouTubers are not interest to make videos on Thunkable X, you do think why

I don’t think that anyone buy this Thunkable X services, better you need to focus on your Thunkable classic and make that creative like kodular/Block2Code and make components as paid (like the way AppyBuilder started initially).

Hi there,
Thx for your problems you have.
1.What’s mean not showing properly?It’s mean the components aren’t showing as exported?Can you elaborate?

2.Once they’ve been added to your app,it is not working after exported.They are invisible?

4.Thunkable had Monitization before,it was supporting to (forgot name),due to fact that it had been supported API.Therefore,Thunkable X removed it.

If you want to customize the original splash screen,you have to purchase to PRO.If you want to customize in FREE.It’s not possible.

5.Thunkable X stills enable thunkers imagine a lot.



Still if you compare with your own classic version, X will fail to achieve the same.
What about App size?
If I am using Drawer_Navigator1 component, the Live is not showing.

Can you take a screenshot for a look?

If you think that kodular / Block2Code moving in the right direction, for which you need Thukable Classic?

Thunkable X - is a unique product and its development is more promising compared to the same platform, Android. AppyBuilder, kodular, Block2Code, App Inventor, Sketchware and many more tools designed to develop on Android. You do not have enough of all these tools and need more Thunkable Classic?


I take it you haven’t seen this yet then @mnjsamal

It turns out the Classic is actually missing several features that X has: