Which free photo editing software do you prefer?

Which software you use to create/edit images?

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Adobe Lightroom, however, there are so many to chose from and they are all very powerful. It is just a matter of choosing which one to learn as each software has different workflows.


For what you want for example youtube video thumbnail or to use in app

Affinity Photo is what I started using about a month ago.


Thanks but I am using windows and not mac

I know that’s only a 7 days trail and I had to PAY for that.

Well, I’m not done using DAD’s adobe account.

To edit images, I always use MS Paint (don’t judge :upside_down_face:), as it’s so simply designed and fast to work with.

To create icons/backgrounds I use Adobe XD, (I know it’s for UI/UX, but one can design images quite easily.) It has many options, but still I grab a raw icon from flaticon.com/google images/etc., and customize it in XD. :blue_heart:

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Again you grabed to pay money are you guys addicted to adobe and mac or google images?

Nope, I got the Adobe XD for free (official software from adobe’s website, not pirated). Now it has been converted to a free trial basis, but when I installed it (2-3 yrs ago), I got it for free.

And hey, if you want to ask people for any free softwares they use for images, you should edit your first post and add Which FREE software you use to create/edit images?.


you’re rich so you grabbed it.

Try this canva.com

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Works on both. I bought it for both my Windows laptop and my MacBook. Just gotta scroll down and click on the link:

not gonna pay

thanks @amazingwx my app link will be delivered on halloween

Please try the links before posting. Canva does have a paying tier but you have a lot of features for free too.

hey, @amazingwx my computer is full of junk.

thanks @namitnagar but don’t post like

Shut up you lier copieying others projects.

@codeswept for all the info to look into the website.

100% free

Info on what?

Just accept when someone says thanks. don’t just ask questions about why.

you said It has some buttons and when I clicked one it closed and opened the designer console.

I’m sorry, I’m pretty confused. You seemed to think that Canva was entirely paid, and I said no, there is a free tier too. Then you told me to look at an unnamed website for more “info”, so I asked info on what. I don’t remember mentioning any buttons.

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