Where to get "Tiny_DB"

Where to get “Tiny_DB”. I did not find it in the list of components.

look down on the latest tabs, experimental or connectivity.

Hey @themallisterihdaber - are you using #thunkable-cross

In that case you can try one of these storage options instead?


I would like to transfer messages between devices

A cloud variable would be the easiest way to get started with that @themallisterihdaber

Also, can you please clarify whether this question should be in #classicdiscuss or #thunkable-cross?

(Are you using x.thunkable.com?)

I am using x.thunkable.com

ok so.

I’ve moved this to #thunkable-cross now.

Yeah, a cloud variable would definitely be the best way to get stated with transferring messages between users. Check out @Jimmy’s great intro to cloud variables in this tutorial:

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