Where is the block "resize image from" in ThunkableX?

Hi, I just discovered the block “resize image from …” in drag’n drop ThunkableX. I really searched for it in the “old” ThunkableX but cannot find it. Is it there or has somebody forgotten to implement it?

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I never noticed that block. I see it’s in the Camera & Media drawer (just posting this screenshot for other people:

In the Snap to Place interface, I don’t see a way to do anything similar even after adding the Camera and Photo Library components.

You can do lots of fancy resizing using the Cloudinary API though. In fact, it’s even easier than most APIs. You just alter the url to the hosted image and it does the reformatting for you.

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It was recently added so not everyone noticed.



Yes, that is exactly my question: why is this nice little block not part of the “snap to place” UI? Or did I overlook anything?

I believe the plan is to permanently transition to the Drag and Drop interface. So new features are being added there and aren’t always added to the older Snap to Place interface. That’s my guess.


Yes, that’s also my guess and I can’t say I am happy with it. Right now the StP interface give me more options in building flexible layouts.

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