Can I resize an image in Thunkable?


in my application, photos appear in a list when I click on a photo in the list it appears in a new screen but I don’t know how to enlarge the image with my fingers.
is it possible ?

The only way you could get a scroll container is a canvas but that doesn’t help for the images. And you can’t measure the user’s movements. incase we want a crop-like interface component. maybe the thunkable staff should create a new component called Finger resizer so what you have to do is with the new Finger resizer component is you have to do is upload the image and then code for the button a pop-up comes out, but we don’t have feature.


thanks for your answer

I didn’t have to explain myself well I would like in my application to enlarge an isolated photo on a screen in the same way as you do in the Android photo application

That’s what I said. wait for @staff to come.

@vishruth-ram and @bibbi .
Check out this project where you can resize an image with the webviewer.

Note: size is not saved so if that’s needed i can’t help.



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